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HAGITEC specializes in manufacturing stainless flexible protection tubes & connectors for optic fiber and other related materials and accessories. The company, headquartered in Chiba, was founded in 1974.

Hagiwara System-Com Co., Ltd:
Hagiwara Sys-Com, an industry leader in semiconductor application products, designs, manufactures and markets highly innovative and versatile products for industrial and embedded computing. The company, headquartered in Nagoya, was founded in 1953.

HAKODATE SEKONIC is specialized in developing, maunfacuturing and supplying EL panels of the next generation luminescent products. The company, headquartered in Hokkaido, was founded in 1985.

Hakusan Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:
Hakusan Manufacturing, with its original technology obtained by research, development and experience for many years and cooperation from various organizations concerned, specializes in pressure welding products that have shown an excellent showing home and abroad covering wire welding and rail welding
. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded

HAMAMATSU Nano Technology Inc.:
HAMAMATSU Nano Technology
specializes in development and sales of devices in the fields of nanofabrication, nanodispersion, patterning by small droplets technology, dispensing for liquid materials with high viscosity, bonding by dispensing UV cured resin, cleaning in atmosphere for nanomaterials, optics measurement, and physics and chemistry.  The company, headquartered in Shizuoka, was founded in 2008.

h.a.n.d. Inc.:
h.a.n.d. Inc. specializes in planning, development, contracted services and sales of computer software and video game software. The company, headquartered in Hokkaido, was founded in 1993.

HANWA ELECTRONIC IND specializes in manufacturing semiconductor evaluation/measuring instruments and in developing mechatronics control equipment. The company, headquartered in Wakayama, was founded in 1966.

HARD LOCK Industry Co., Ltd:
HARD LOCK Industry is specialized in developing, manufacturing and supplying patented Hard Lock technology products such as bolts, nuts and bearings that enable clients not only to prevents screws from coming loose and bolts from breaking, but dramatically to reduce personnel expenses, maintenance expenses. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1974.

Hariki Seiko specializes in manufacturing high precision components for automobile industries, IT industries, medical treatment equipment fields as well as audio/visual equipment areas.  The company, headquartered in Osaka was founded in 1952.

Hasegawa Machine Works Ltd:
Hasegawa specializes in manufacturing small, high-speed and highly accurate machine tools of optimal design considering the essential function and work environment of the machine tool. The company, headquartered in Saitama, was founded in 1928.

Hayashi Group is fully determined and ready to make rapid strides into high-technology fields including the most advanced high-technology-oriented industries.  New product development will be emphasized in the fields of optical fibers and electronic devices.  HAYASHI WATCH-WORKS Co., LTD, the group center company, was founded in 1930, and headquartered in Tokyo.

Hataken specializes in producing key components of optical communications, such as V-grooves, fiber arrays enhancing its original core technologies of fine processing and grinding various materials.  The company, headquartered in Nagano, was founded in 1979.

Headlock mainly carries out the planning, development and operation of game software, focusing on online games. Since our founding in 1999, it has continued to provide entertainment products that pursue “original forms of enjoyment” to users as a policy. The company is headquartered in Tokyo.

HeARTBIT produces digital contents using the latest technologies, as well as its regular artifice honed from ample experiences, to meet your request on the quality and cost. The company, headquartered in Hokkaido, was founded in 2002.

HEISHIN specializes in manufacturing the NEMOR pumps which can be applied to various needs where constant discharge of quantity is required to ensure the quantitative liquid transfer flow without pulsation at any moment. The company, headquartered in Hyogo, was founded in 1979.

hers experimental design laboratory inc.:
hers experimental design laboratory specializes in product development & design produce, strategic design management, administrative design consulting and design resource management produce. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1986.

HIBINO Corporation
HIBINO's success comes from our depth in the AVCC (Audio, Visual, Computer, Communications) business, extending from system design, construction and installation to equipment rental and sales, and the leadership from our top ranked management.The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1964.

HI CORPORATION is a leading research and development company in middleware development for embedded devices. Its flagship product, real-time 3D rendering engine "MascotCapsule", has been adopted by five Japanese carriers as well as by major handset manufacturers for their global releases in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, U.S. and more. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1989.

Hi-Mecha Company, Inc.:
Hi-Mecha has carried out R&D in the field of electronic component equipment and FA equipment since oits establishment. It provides equipment in the condenser field, the semiconductor field, and the energy device field. The company, headquartered in Yamagata, was founded in 1972.

Hirano & Associates, Inc.:
Hirano & Associates specializes in a broad range of design work based on a concept of “Design not only contains cultural elements, but holds great power to transform. The corporate philosophy of Hirano & Associates, Inc. and its group of companies is “Design and intelligence provides the creation of outstanding value.””  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1960.

Hirose Paper Mfg Co., Ltd.:
Hirose Paper Mfg is a leading manufacturer of synthetic nonwoven materials for industries. The company, headquartered in Kochi, was founded I 1958.

Hisaki Sekkei Inc.:
Hisaki Sekkei specializes in design and development of electronic and precision equipment, consulting and in technical support services.  The company, headquartered in Fukushima, was founded in 1985.

Hishiko Corporation:
Hishiko specializes in manufacturing magnet applied equipment for a variety product manufacturers and special welding consumables for mould having automobile industry primary users. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1993.

Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd:
Hokuyo has been specialized in supplying key components required for various control equipment as well as a variety of automated systems. The company, headquartered in Osaka, is founded in 1946.

HOLON specializes in development, manufacturing and sales for semiconductor inspection tools and overall maintenance services. The company, headquartered in Saitama, was founded in 1985.

Hollyx Co., Ltd.:
Hollyx is a leading manufacturer of surgical instruments, medical devices, orthopedic implants and artificial joint prosthesis. With the products, Hollyx strives to improve the QOL (quality of life) of patients together with doctors working in the forefront of medical care.  The company, headquartered in Shizuoka, was founded in 1962.

Honda Electronics Co., Ltd.:
Honda Electronics is a leading company in the ultrasonic technology products. The company, headquartered in Aichi, was founded in 1956.

Horizon International Inc.:
Horizon International is the international sales arm of Horizon Group which develops and manufactures manufacturing products and systems for five major paper finishing operations; folding, collating, binding, stitching, and cutting. The group, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 1946.

HOKOS focuses its business on manufacturing and sales of machine tools, machining units and related, peripheral equipment, environment improving equipment, anti-pollution devices and powder conveying equipment, etc.  The company, headquartered in Hiroshima, was founded in 1940.

Hosen Corp.:
Hosen specializes in a variety of equipment for battery and electronic component assembly field. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1993.

Hosobuchi Electric Lamp Co., Ltd:
Hosobuchi Electric develops, manufactures and supply high quality, very reliable and custom-made lamp bulbs. Hosobuchi Electric, headquartered in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, was founded in 1938. For details, please find and click "English" tab at the top of the right hand side when getting the company's web-site from here.

Hotty Polymer specializes in development, manufacture and sales of industrial rubber products and plastic products.  Hotty plastic extrusion products are highly versatile and have airtight, watertight, heat-isulating and anti-vibration.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1854.

Howa Sangyo Corporation:
Howa Sangyo provides precision optical components to various industrial fields by using our excellent system of integrated production, from selection of materials to cutting, polishing and vapor deposition. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1972. 

Hu-Brain, Inc.:
Hu-Brain specializes in image inspection technologies for automating strenuous visual inspection processes in order to relieve the burden on the people who conduct those processes. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1987.

Human Metabolome Technologies, Inc. (HMT).
Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT) is a Japan-based biotechnology company developing capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry (CE-MS) based metabolomics technologies and solution to drive drug discovery, diagnosis, and food production. Our research and development methodology are at the heart of an emerging field of metabolomics and systems biology. The company, headquartered in Tsuruoka, Yamagata, was founded in 2003.

Hyper Tech Co., Ltd.:
Hyper Tech provides state-of-the-art information technology as it strives to be a R&D focused company.  Products and services the company offers are in a range from patent-related, security, optical disc-related to custom software and hardware development.  Hyper Tech, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 1994.

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