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ValueEngine corporation:
ValueEngine specializes in mobile communications technology for consulting services and smart phone introduction services. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 2007.

Venetex Corporation:
Venetex specializes in development, manufacture, production and sales of professional video equipment for various applications, including broadcasting, medical imaging and professional digital cameras through the development of hardware and application-specific software.The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1980.

V-cube Inc.:
V-cube is a global provider of web based visual communications services over the internet, primarily focusing on large enterprises, universities and government institutions. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1998.

Videotron Corporation:
Videotron Corp. is a leading manufacturer of broadcasting industry that develops, produces, and sells high quality and efficient products, meeting diversifying needs. It has a variety of broadcast equipments such as master switchers, converters, character generators, keyer and so on.
The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1972.

Viva Computer Inc.:
Viva computer specializes in development and operations of various systems related to used car buy and sell. It also develops technologies related to relating to digital photos, that is images search engine ‘FeelPhrase’ , ’Feelimage‘and so on while operating photo management service site ‘PhotoCorpus’. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1991.

Vixen Co., Ltd.:
Vixen specializes in astronomical telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, fieldscopes, magnifiers, and CCD cameras.  The company, headquartered in Saitama, was founded in 1949.

VS Technology Corporation:
VS Technology Corp., VST, supports the machine vision market with sophisticated optical know-how and meets customers' various but even low-volume requirements. VST, headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, was founded in 1998. For details, please find and click "English" tab at the bottom of the left hand side when getting the top page of the company's web-site from here.

Vstone Co., Ltd.:
Vstone is specialized in research, development, manufacture, and sales of omnidirect sensors, robots, and other electronic machines. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 2000.

Plat’Home Co., Ltd.:
Plat’Home is the first company to introduce the Linux operating system in Japan. It sells PC servers under its own brand since 1996. In 2000, and it was the first company to introduce an embedded Linux server system in Japan, the OpenBlockS. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1993.

V Technology Co., Ltd.:
V Technology manufactures and sells inspection, measurement and repair equipment used in manufacturing lines of LCD, PDP and other FPD related devices. The company, headquartered in Kanagawa, was founded in 1997.

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