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ACE Inc.:
ACE is an expert of gas control technology working for various fields of industry, such as semiconductor manufacturing, LCD/TFT manufacturing, hydrogen fuel cell business, gas analyzing and so on. The company, headquartered in Kanagawa, was founded in 1999.

Adachi Shiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.:
Adachi Shiki specializes in development and manufacture of varieties of products made of reinforced paper materials, such as paper knives, tables, screens, rescue boards, shelters, flower pots, luggage, and many others, all of which are well designed, strong enough for use.  The company, headquartered in Niigata, was founded in 1942.

Aquafairy Corporation:
Aquafairy specializes in fuel cell technologies, sticking on breaking common sense and striving to achieve the simplification, reliability and safety of fuel cells. The company, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 2006.

BALMUDA design Ltd.:
BALMUNDA design strives to create products that customers feel an attraction- a personal value to, primarily focusing on LED lighting products, accessories of personal computers and smart phones, and furniture. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 2003 with the principle of “Live life passionately and with as few belongings as possible.”

BUNSEIKAKU is a leading company in the printing business where it aggressively promotes Bunseikaku Ecology Printing System, which is the comprehensive environment-responsive printing system based on Waterless Printing with BUNSEIKAKU core technology. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1912.

Central Filter Mfg. Co., Ltd.:
Central Filter designs and manufactures industrial liquid and gas filters for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and paint industries, membrane filters for use in the electronics industry, nuclear power plants and medical centers, and so on so forth. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1972.

Clean Venture 21 Corporation:
Clean Venture 21 (CVC21) is specialized in and dedicated to developing and commercializing new spherical silicon solar cells with micro reflector cups capable of significantly reducing conventional production costs. CVC21, headquarted in Kyoto, was founded in 2001.

CHIRYU HEATER specializes in supplying solar heating systems. The company, headquartered in Aichi, was founded in 1944.

CHOFU SESAKUSHO is a leading supplier of water heating systems and air conditioning systems, including solar equipment and oil and gas heaters.  The company, headquartered in Yamaguchi, was founded in 1954.

Choshu Industry Co., Ltd.:
Choshu Industry is a leading supplier of residential energy systems (photovoltaic systems) semiconductor manufacturing systems as well as FA systems. The company, headquartered in Yamaguchi, was founded in 1980.

Cosmotech Co., Litd.:
Cosmotech specializes in manufacturing of printing, photograph and plate making related systems and sales of related products.  The company, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 1978.

DAIDO Machines CO., LTD.:
DAIDO specializes in manufacturing and selling a range of strainers, sight glasses, level gauges, filters and other piping accessories to both the domestic and international markets. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1959.

Daiwa Chemical Industry, pursing the goal of zero emissions and recycling operations, is a leading manufacturer of organic solvent separation devices for dehydration, cryogenic system solvent reduction assisting devices, solvent recovery devices as well as decompression dehydration drying devices. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1982.

DESINERS GUILD, with its proprietary aeration mechanism, specializes in manufacturing super low-flow aerators that enable dramatically to reduce water consumption. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1976.

Eamex Corporation:
Eamex Corporation specializes in research and development of polymer actuator technology and product applications for practical use.  Activities of the company include research and development of ion conduction actuator, electro conductive polymer actuator, sensor and capacitor technologies, and of a variety of applications of the technologies.  The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 2001.

  eco-R Co., Ltd.:
eco-R is the leading company as a whole-recycle ELVs (End-of-Life Vehicles) business operator entrusted and contracted from Japanese major automobile manufacturers under the authority of ministries of Japan government, allying with furnace and trading firms. Whole recycling is the scheme adopting the dismantling method that doesn’t cause shredder-dust. Each part of the company name of Eco stands for Ecology, R for Recycle, Reused and Reduce, respectively. It is due to all employees to reaffirm its position as environmental industry to promote these 3Rs with the goal of the environmental loading reduction in order to contribute to the society. The company, headquartered in Tochigi, was founded in 1964. 

EKO Instruments, with its latest technologies, specializes in developing meteorological instruments, physical analyzers and other high quality equipment. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1927.

ENAX is a leading company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of highly safe and high quality Li-ion batteries as well as sales of Li-ion rechargeable production line and materials.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1996.

EPSEL Co.,, Ltd.:
EPSEL specializes in supplying LED lighting systems, photovoltaic power generation systems and wind power generation systems as well. The company, headquartered in Saitama, was founded in 2001.

Fujipream Corporation:
Fujipeam, a leading supplier of plasma display panels (PDPs), optical devices, photovoltaic devices, manufacturing devices and so on.  The company, headquartered in Hyogo, was founded in 1982.

Fukai Environmental Laboratory, Ltd.:
Fukai Environmental Laboratory specializes in R&D of emulsion fuel, asbestos removal methods, and emulsifying capacity and substance, while researching for water surfactant potency, changes in water nature through native ore, generation of active hydrogen through native ore, and for charges in oxidation-reduction potential through hydrogen. It also develops and manufactures water purifiers. The company, headquartered in Nagano, was founded in 2007.

FUMIN Co., Ltd.:
FUMIN specializes in patented coating technologies that form an even clear film of conductive metal oxide on glass surface by a spray gun. This film absorbs and shuts off infrared ray and ultraviolet ray. FUMIN coating is the name of the product which is an environmentally friendly to contribute to global warming prevention and cost reduction.  The company, headquartered in Fukushima, was founded in 1978.

Fuso Co., Ltd.:
Fuso is a leading manufacturer of refrigeration leak detectors and monitors in Japan and have been expanding its business to the field of HVAC&R with its wide range of testing instruments and equipments. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1957.

GH Craft Ltd.:
GH Craft is a leading supplier of various vehicles with its highly advanced technologies and experiences in design, tooling, manufacturing, specialty composite structure design, analysis, fabrication, testing, and final production ultimately for energy saving or improving efficiency of energy usage. The company, headquartered in Shizuoka, was founded in 1972.

Green Tec Co., Ltd.:
Green Tec is a leading PV system integrator that believes clean energy and a stronger environmental consciousness are vital factors for our future lives.  The company, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 2001.

GRID inc.:
GRID manufactures and sells solar modules, and develops, manufactures and sells solar systems.  The company is headquartered in Tokyo.

Ishii Hyoki Co., Ltd.:
Ishii Hyoki specializes in manufacturing three major field products, (1) Display products ranging from metal component, silk printing products trough GOP LCD systems, (2) Machinery group that produce various kinds of manufacturing equipment and (3) Solar systems area where solar cell wafer and a series of manufacturing equipment related to solar cells is produced. The company, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 1873.

Johnan Electric Co., Ltd.:
Johnan Electric specializes in machining/technological development servicesand original environmental and welfare related products in the electronics industry. The company, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 1962.

KENEK Co., Ltd.:
KENEK is a pioneer of water vein measuring instruments, such as Tunami meter, wave hight meter, velocity meter, and so on.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1991.

Kyosemi Corporation:
Kyosemi specializes in research & development, manufacturing and sales of semiconductor devices including semiconductor elements and sensors, optical communication-use devices, spherical solar cell, and other semiconductor-related products. Kyosemi, headquartered in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, was founded in 1980. For details, please find and click "English" tab at the top of the right hand side when getting the top page of the company's web-site. A DVD movie on Kyosemi's Sphelar- Spherical Solar Cell" is available in the English section.

Loopwing Co., Ltd:
Loopwing specializes in R&D, manufacturing and supply of wind energy generators with its advanced technology.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 2003.

Mecaro Co., Ltd.:
Mecaro, a wind turbine manufacturer, has developed and now offers a new wind generating turbine system, Spiral Magnus,to the market. Macro, headquartered in Katagami, Akita, was founded in 1998.

Microphase Co., Ltd.:
Microphase specializes in Nano-technology that is applicable for various fields such as carbon nano-tubes and materials, fuel cells, and many others. The company, started from Tsukuba University and headquartered in Ibaraki, was founded in 1999.

Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd.:
Mitaka Kohki is a leading and award winning supplier of astronomical telescopes, space observation devices, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and solar energy equipment.  Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd, headquartered in Mitaka City, Tokyo in1966.

NAGAOKA INTERNATIONA specializes in fabrication of state-of-art products using its core technology for “profile wire screen”, it’s been practicing its best contribution to the global markets in the focused business fields such as:- Water (Screens for underground water intake), - Ecology (Chemical-less water treatment system and environmental application),- Energy (Screen internals for chemical & petrochemical application). The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1934

Nano-Optonics Energy, Inc.:
Nano-Optonics Energy specializes in (a) manufacture of precision equipment, machining equipment and optical instruments and the sale thereof, (b) superconducting and sustainable energy and (c) research on global environmental conservation by astronomical observations. The company, headquartered in Kyoto, was founded in 2005.

Nihon Filter Co., Ltd.:
Nihon Filter is an expert in liquid filtration & water treatment, giving customers fine solutions for keeping pure water environment. The company, headquartered in Kanagawa, was founded in 1955.

Nihon Refine Co.,, Ltd.:
Nihon Refine is a leading technology company that enables reuse solvents (VOC: volatile organic compounds). Based on a wide variety of its own technologies, the company offers various solutions of offsite recycling, onsite recycling design and marketing of equipment for recycling and refining new solvents. The company, headquartered in Gifu and Tokyo, was founded in 1966.

Nova Energy is a leading company specializing in development of tidal power generation systems. The company, headquartered in Hyogo, was founded in 2007.

  OGIHARA MFG., Co. Ltd.:
OGIHARA specializes in development and manufacture of water pumps, sensors, water treatment systems and molding. The company, headquartered in Nagano, was founded in 1946.

OSASI Technos Inc.:
OSASI Technos specializes in measuring technologies and instruments including a variety of gauges, automatic monitoring and observation systems. The company, headquartered in Kochi, was founded in 1972.

OS Co., Ltd integrates and provides overall solutions addressing the needs for business, education, commercial use.  Also, it specializes in the product planning and distribution in regard to visual-related products designed for individual use.  Mobile solar unit is one of the unique products. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjL1mQFlp7A) The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in1953.

Peccell Technologies, Inc.:
PECCELL is a venture company of Toin University which focuses on industries of energy and environment created by photoactive organic and hybrid materials in combination with nano-chemistries, while the company supplies measurement apparatuses, such as solar simulator (artificial sunlight), and high-quality light sources.  The company, headquartered in Kanagawa, was founded in 2004.

PREDE specializes in research, development and manufacture of scientific instruments primarily focusing on meteorological instruments, optical instruments and environmental instruments. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1987.

RION Co., Ltd.:
Rion is a leading manufacture that focuses on four major categories, Hearing Instruments, Medical Equipment, Sound and Vibration Measuring Instruments, and Particle Counters. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1944.

  Ryoei Co., Ltd.:
Ryoei is a leading manufacturer in the fields of machinery, electronics, material inspection, and the environment, primarily focusing on the automotive industry. The company, headquartered in Aichi, was founded in 1973.

SANVIC specializes in manufacturing and marketing of synthetic resin products and marketing of polyolefin polymer processing machinery. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1951.

Sassor Inc.:
Sassor is a group specializing in interactive and service design working on production and business development of various devices and services, including Energy Literacy Platform (ELP) of which tool shows a consumer how much electricity he or she is consuming at home. The company, headquartered in Kanagawa, was founded in 2010.

Seabell International Co., Ltd.:
Seabell is the first supplier, in the world, of current-type micro hydropower generation systems based on hydraulics. Power generation without modifying the environment like the construction of dams, and this also saves cost. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 2004.

Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.:
Seibu Giken specializes in comfortable environment creation technologies with products including total heat exchangers, desiccant dehumidifiers, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concentrators, and honeycomb elements. The company, headquartered in Kitakyushu, was founded in 1962.

Shibata Scientific Technology Ltd.:
Sibata Scientific Technology has succeeded in the Medical, Chemical, and the Environmental-measuring fields in Japan while having developed and modified various technologies as Beta-ray attenuation, light-scattering, pressure-resistant sampling pumps for environmental testing and measuring methods that are used worldwide today.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1921.

Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd.:
Shinwa specializes in production of rules (metal rules and squares),Vernier calipers, special machine tool rules, special photographic surface processing, precision etchings, clocks, hygrometers, flexible heating elements and various measurement tools. The company, headquartered in Niigata, was founded in 1971.

Showa Co., Ltd.:
Titanium, the metal that is light, strong and corrosive-resistant.  Showa’s titanium technology is that hazardous material created by civilization can be hermetically sealed by lining application for concrete structure, and/or detoxified by photo-catalytic decontamination.  The company, headquartered in Nara, was founded in 1967.

SIM-Drive Corporation:
SIM-Drive, a leader in sustainable design, aims to establish transportation infrastructure which will diminish environmental burden with its ground-breaking “in-wheel-motor” electric vehicle.  The company focuses on R&D of electric vehicles together with the in-wheel motors and other parts for the electric vehicles. SIM-Drive, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 2009.

  Smart Solar International Inc.:
Smart Solar International Inc. is an independent, privately held, spin-off from the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology.  Cooperation among government, industry and academia has enabled us to develop and produce low cost-high efficiency solar power generation systems that meet high standards. The company, headquartered in Sendai, Miyagi, was founded in 2009.

Space Energy Corporation:
Space Energy specializes in manufacturing and marketing solar wafers, bifacial solar cells and modules as well as solar photovoltaic systems. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1995.

  Spiber Inc.:
Spiber specializes in developing Next-generation biomaterial, DNA tag technology and DNA information storage technology. Through the development process, Spiber already achieved the highest productivity in the world for microbial fibroin protein expression. The fibroin derived protein, of which brand name is QMONOS will be in mass production from 2015. QMONOS can be fabricated into various forms including fibers, films, gels, sponges and nano-fibers. The company, headquartered in Yamagata, was founded in 2007
STUDIO DEL SOLE develops, produces, and markets personal solar electric (PV) systems while it also designs and supplies small solar panels, solar electric systems, and complete solar powered devices to its customers on OEM/ODM basis.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 2000.

Sugiyasu specializes in manufacturing a variety of equipment covering lifts for automobile repairs, material Handling equipment, environment equipment, and home care equipment. The company, headquartered in Aichi, was founded in 1949.

Takahata Seiko specializes in manufacturing and sales high-precision gears, precision moldings, forming and pressing dies, assembled metal parts and metal gears, and water meter parts.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1923.

  Tanaka Hydropower Co., Ltd.:
Tanaka Hydropower specializes in hydropower generating technologies and small scale hydropower generating system production.  The company, headquartered in Kanagawa, was founded in 1932.

Techno Core International Co., Ltd: 
Techno Core International is a leading supplier of quick charger of various rechargeable batteries, such as Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd and Lead Acid. The company, headquartered in Amagasaki, Hyogo, was founded in 2000.

TKX Corporation:
TKX is a leading company in the field of manufacture and sales of silicon wafers for solar cells, polishing materials, as well as grinding wheels. The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 1922.

Toyo Union Co., Ltd.:
Toyo Union is a leading solution provider for removing various contaminants generated inside manufacturing equipment and restoring the equipment to its original performance, thus minimizing negative effects on products caused by contaminants. The company, headquartered in Aichi, was founded in 1987.

  West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd.:
West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory (FELCO) specializes in water fluid engineering with which FELCO supports various types of business, including R&D for ship and propeller design, Research services for river construction design, simulation of ocean environment, fishing, and even for swimming and water sport fields.  The company, headquartered in Nagasaki, was founded in 1979.

  Wellthy Corporation
Welthy is the leading company that contributes to the improvement of the natural environment by purifying water with its membrane filtration technologies. Its groundwater membrane filtration system, in particular, purifies groundwater to a portable level, so to enable users to have a redundant water system on the conventional water supply infrastructure.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1985.

  X-Ability Co., Ltd.:
X-Ability focuses on two business fields, (a) Scientific Computing where developing software for quantum chemistry and molecular simulation as well as molecular modeling to enhance chemistry and pharmaceutical low-cost simulation, and (b) Sensor Networking specializing in wireless field sensing with data-logger and camera.  The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 2008.

YBM Co., Ltd.:
YBM is a manufacturer of construction machines for underground development, civil construction and mineral exploration.  Since 2000, YBM has focused on the development of low-noise, compact, lightweight and computerized machines and equipment that save both labor and energy, in an effort to improve safety and comfort at construction sites, soil improvement projects, polluted land clean-up efforts and water purification projects. The company, headquartered in Saga, was founded in 1946.

YOCASOL’s high technology specialized in photovoltaic panels enables themselves to achieve mass production of standard modules and made-to-order production of specialized modules.The company, headquartered in Fukuoka, was founded in 2007.

You-na Tech Corp.:
You-na Tech specializes in recycling silicon wafers and materials, planning, selling photovoltaic product and developing measurement tools and manufacturing equipment.  The company, headquartered in Osaka, was founded in 2004.

Zephyr Corporation:
Zephyr is a leading company in the electric power systems, and particularly specializes in development, manufacturing, sales (comprehensive package of installation design, installation, leasing, and maintenance), and consulting of wind/solar/water power generation equipment. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1997.

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