Welcome to the ANS Associates website!

We at ANS Associates have launched and are operating an information site  ANSLists, which introduces "friendly" companies and organizations that aim for a sustainable and environmentally friendly society that would have to be human and community friendly,too. We are convinced that the corporate activities of the 21st century will be carried out by these "friendly" companies. 

ANSLists is currently available mainly in Japanese, but we are also working on an English version.

We have long been engaged in a business supporting and  consulting activities for market entry into Japan, including collaboration between overseas companies and Japanese enterprises in the technology sector.

Through these activities, we strongly felt the need for an information support site to introduce Japanese SMEs with excellent technologies to overseas markets. Hence, since 2007, we have been operated two projects:  ANSListsβ and ANSLists Video (also known as CxO Interview).

ANSLists aforementioned is an extension of the this effort adding our brief comment.  The primary focus of our current activities at ANS Associates lies in the continuous and progressive development and operation of ANSLists. 

Our offices are located in Tokyo and Okinawa.


Email: anslists@ansassociates.jp


Akio Saito

Akio is Co-founder of ANSLists project with which is listing companies expected to be contributors to ensuring sustainability of the earth and the global society. He used to be General Partner at a business consulting firm, ANS Associates, which was founded in 2006. He is a seasoned executive in ICT industry where he used to run Japan operations for various foreign companies for over 30 years. Prior to the roles working for the foreign companies, he had worked for Hitachi, Ltd where taking several management roles at an international business sector of ICT field. He holds BSc degree in Electric Engineering at Keio University in Tokyo where he lives.

Akihiko Ogura

Akihiko is Co-founding partner of ANSLists project. Thoughtfully understanding the concept of ANSLists project, he has kindly agreed to support us by bringing his innovative ideas, jointly launching and operating the project, despite of his retirement ages and being fully absorbed in diving.

He is a seasoned veteran in public relations field where he mainly worked for foreign country-based IT companies ranging from computers manufacturers, information & communications systems manufacturers through a telecommunications service provider. He holds LLM degree at Vanderbilt University Law school. He lives in Okinawa since 2011.


Mr. Tetsuo Mikami

Mr. Mikami was a business partner at ANS Associates. He is an influential seasoned veteran with his unparalleled successful track records in the telecom carrier space and industries, founded CASL (Challenge And Smile Laboratories) to provide consulting services for global business and human resources development in 2013.

Before founding CASL, Mr. Mikami was Vice President and Executive Officer at Hitachi Cable.  Prior to Hitachi Cable, he spent more than 30 years with NTT Group, taking a variety of senior executive positions which included CEO of NTT Singapore, Vice President of Global Business at NTT Communications, General Manager of Long Distance at NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), Director of Corporate Planning at NTT America, and Senior Manager, Europe and North America at NTT.

Mr. Mikami holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electronic Engineering from Yokohama National University (YNU).  He serves Yokohama Kogyoukai, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation as Director of the board. He also serves Alumni Association of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at YNU as Chairman.